Welcome to “E.Mohamed Lofts” which is located in the vibrant “Mother City” known as Cape Town, South Africa. Here you will find information and pictures on my pigeons, racing results, pigeon training, pigeon loft and breeders.


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Pigeon racing has been a passion of mine
since childhood days.

It is the greatest sport where humans and nature combine to form a field of vision where our relationship with the pigeons determines our level of success in the race. I have recently got involved in it again about three years ago when I stumbled upon an injured Pigeon. When I was nurturing it back to health, I knew in that moment this was what I was missing all this time and immediately I started my research and this is where I reunited with old friends from my childhood that will later be a part of my pigeon racing career. This is where one of my childhood friends, Mr. M.F Sampson became my partner and loft manager.

My success within these past few years of racing has been because the love and respect I have for racing pigeons. In my first year of racing I placed 23rd position in the FBHU Overall 2013 with achieving the best time on the truck as well as coming in 2nd position in the Graaff-Reinet Board race. I find it fascinating how intelligent these pigeons fly through the mountainous landscapes of Cape Town whether it would be in training or when racing home. I believe success in pigeon racing is only defined by the love created within the loft.

As a pigeon fancier this website is to show the beauty and love pigeon racing brings to a person whom is involved in this sport. We race all over the sensational landscapes of Western Cape, therefore you may checkout the Western Cape Pigeon Racing website for further information and pigeon racing clubs in your area.

Thank you for visiting my pigeon racing website as it is a great honour and thank you to the almighty that I am able to share the love of pigeon racing. I wish you best of luck to your ventures with racing pigeons.

Making history!

Currently we are leading the Black Jacket and the Blue Jacket competition at AfrikaPro as at 12 Sept 2022.

Featured Pigeons

Our stock birds were carefully screened and hand-selected from the lofts of some of the greatest pigeon hobbyists in the world.

Our Racing results from the past few seasons.

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